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 Stonegate Consulting Opens in Scottsdale 

Think you’re phone bills are crazy? Audits and Evaluations Proven to Slash Telecommunications Costs 

 (Scottsdale, Ariz.,)  October 8, 2001  –  Responding to the increasing complexity and rising costs of telecommunications systems, Stonegate Consulting brings more than 30 years experience to help clients achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings with their telecommunications resources.  Services range from complete evaluation of service requirements and telecommunications management services, to simple bill analysis, to developing specifications and evaluations of current or proposed telecommunications systems.

 Stonegate Consulting provides its services to companies that typically do not have the resources to dedicate entire departments to managing telecommunications infrastructure.  They may not have the staff nor the time needed to discover costly billing errors and analyze the efficiency of telecommunications systems and services, which rank as one of the top five highest expenses for the typical company.

 “We were frustrated by inaccurate billing practices and inefficiencies in our computer network that were really taking a hit on our bottom line,” said Mike Fontaine, Finova Director - Telecommunications  “Stonegate Consulting knew what to look for and knew how to navigate through the telecommunications companies to get the problems fixed.”

 Telephone services for U.S. companies are currently estimated at $403 billion annually, according to the Telecommunications Industry Association.  For many of these companies, choosing from the diverse array of complex telecommunications equipment and services, and then managing that infrastructure, can be time consuming and expensive.  Stonegate Consulting provides analysis to help companies determine bandwidth requirements, compare service providers and recommend the most cost-effective local and long-distance carriers.

 “When we moved offices, we had all kinds of telecommunications issues – everything from choosing new vendors to physically moving the computer hardware,” said Nephi Julien, Executive VP of InTouch Virtual Office Solutions.  “With Stonegate Consulting, we had a smooth office relocation, and now we have carriers that better match the needs of our business.”

 According to Pat Pittmon, Stonegate Consulting founder and CEO, “We have saved clients anywhere from five to 35 percent on their telecommunications costs simply by eliminating waste, decreasing billing errors and ensuring companies contract only for the services they need.”