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 Managing Your Communications Infrastructure is Essential

Your telecommunications system is a critical lifeline for your business.  You depend upon it for customer, vendor and employee communication, network access and constant information flow.  Optimal performance, bandwidth and productivity are essential.  Failure is not an option.

However, as telecommunications technology becomes more complex, diverse and expensive, and the choices for equipment, infrastructure and service providers seem endless, managing your system can become a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. 

Providing the Telecommunications Expertise You Need

Stonegate Consulting, LLC., provides expertise in evaluating and managing your communications infrastructure, systems and services.  With 35 years of telecommunications industry experience, we provide solutions to help you reduce costs, maximize efficiency and utilize your telecommunications resources more effectively.

By offering a range of services, Stonegate Consulting can help you:

     1.          Analyze telecommunications services

     2.          Review IT security 

     3.          Assess your data requirements 

     4.          Recommend cost-saving solutions

     5.          Negotiate services 

     6.          Analyze system/LAN/WAN performance 

     7.          Provide technical assistance
     8.          Determine hardware requirements

     9.          Prepare and manage RFPs for equipment and services

   10.          Select appropriate service providers and equipment vendors