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  The mission of Stonegate Consulting, LLC is to provide the highest quality mix of products and services to its clients. Since we are tied to the interests of no sales organization we are uniquely positioned to ensure that our clients enjoy the most economical and productive mix of telecommunications hardware and services available.

Stonegate Consulting reviews local, long distance, and data communications services.

You will be provided with objective information on your exact billed rates for all call types including 1+, toll-free, calling cards, and international services (including international rates by country). You will be shown exactly how much you are spending on each call type net of all fees, discounts, promotions and contractual obligations. In addition you will receive information on the potential impact of optional programs offered by other vendors, local and long distance providers based on up-to-date market pricing.

Stonegate Consulting will identify and implement voice and data needs.

Based on your business needs we will show you how best to utilize local and long distance services to gain the best network services; billing formats that complement your internal auditing and cost allocation practices; manage costs by location.  We will examine how your voice and data needs can be consolidated into a single environment with improved service and the probability of reduced costs.

Multi-location corporate networks benefit the most.

You are a multi-location firm and have many decisions that can help your intra-corporate communications and those with your customers and vendors.   It is possible to develop simple and easy to understand programs and billing formats that assist you in expense management and cost accounting efforts. By understanding the relationship between voice and data services it is often possible to improve data transfer between locations on a single facility also providing your long distance voice needs. Further, a review of local and long distance expenses can often identify "found money" imbedded on old services that can be better used on behalf of new data needs.

Stonegate Consulting understands the charges on your Telephone Bill

We think that many billing formats are deliberately designed to confuse us. Our extensive experience in auditing has given us exposure to most invoice formats. Local phone company bills can include charges for several types of "local" long distance as well as true long distance. Most long distance calls are billed in full-minute increments, which automatically add up to 10% to calling volume on which you are billed. If your long distance company bills on the local bill, then you are probably not getting the rates you expected.

Stonegate Consulting will insure correct local billing.

Phone companies usually don't intentionally over bill. We often find that some services are terminated yet continue to bill for extended periods of time. Additionally, if you have more than a few phone lines, then the billing may be correct, but the line type is not the best fit for your functional or economic interests.

Stonegate Consulting can help improve your local billing.

Your phone company is not obliged to tell you about every service offering applicable to your corporate needs. Depending on your phone system hardware you may have significant savings waiting to be gained. New types of contracts with local phone companies can actually promise net price protection with the promise of price decreases when competition forces prices down.

Stonegate Consulting will review all local bills for additional charges.

Some "local" long distance service is the regulated arena of the local carrier (Qwest, PacBell, Ameritech, Southwestern Bell, etc.). In many cases the rates charged for "local" long distance are higher than you would pay to your long distance company. It is possible to move nearly all long distance usage to your carrier through simple strategies involving the local company capability, your phone system, or manual interface with your carrier.

Any time you are billed by AT&T, MCI, Sprint, WorldCom or other long distance company on the local bill you are paying too much.  Rates and billing formats used by the local companies seldom work in your behalf. We can show you how to gain major savings by working directly with your carrier to lower both billed usage and the rates applied to each service.

Stonegate Consulting will identify all potential hardware reductions.

Many modern phone systems have the inherent capability to accept programming that will complement your corporate billing, auditing and cost control efforts. Based on the number and type of local phone lines you use, your long distance company and how robust your phone system is there is usually the potential to use the phones better, more cheaply and in a more secure manner.  This includes reductions in hardware maintenance charges where appropriate.